• Digital Pre-event Programme
  • Thursday 25th march 2021 (from 9 to 12 am)
    8:45 am (Paris time UTC+1): Meeting room opening

    9:00 am (Paris time UTC+1): Introduction by Guanyi Chen (Tianjin University, China)

    9:10 am: The role of biobased economy, negative emissions and gasification routes for reaching the 1,5°C target by André Faaij (TNO, The Netherlands)

    9:30 am: Gasification for Conversion of Waste to Energy and Resource by Chi-Hwa Wang (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

    9:50 am: Chemicals and fuel from gasification of biomass and waste by Berend Vreugdenhil (TNO, The Netherlands)

    10:10 am: Solar gasification of biomass using dual fluidized bed reactors by Alberto Gomez-Barea (Univ. Sevilla, Spain)

    10:30 am: Coal gasification technologies for producing fuel gas in China by Guangwen Xu (Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China)

    10:50 am: Catalytic abatment of tar: is this lock released? by Claire Courson (ICPEES Strasbourg, France)

    11:10 am: A standardised gasification system and methodology for evaluating the performance of different feedstocks, control algorithms and tar detection systems by Ian Watson (Univ. of Glasgow, Scotland)

    11:30 am: Syngas Biomethanation: an alternative way to energy storage by Hariklia Gavala (DTU, Denmark)

    11:50 am: Conclusion by Guillain Mauviel (University of Lorraine, France)

    Here is the link to the Youtube video of this pre-event.  You can easily find each speech with the chapters tool.
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